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11 Street

Campaign: Promotion for 11 Street & awareness of 11 Street Raya Specials


11 Street Malaysia is one of the largest e-commerce companies established in Malaysia. Their goal, increase brand awareness of their Raya Specials, converting leads to business.

With large competitors racing to claim the no.1 spot in e-commerce, 11 Street asked Maxman TV to boost their brand awareness in a big way.

Maxman TV created a viral video that launched the 11 Street brand into the viewer's consciousness every time they did shopping online.


The solution for 11 Street marketing was to create a viral video to reach the targeted audience.

Viral video content becomes popular through a collaborative process. Mass sharing across the internet via social media platforms.

The impact and marketability of viral videos attract mass attention in mainstream media. Viral videos prove to be very effective in promoting brands and products.

Maxman TV's dedication propelled 11 Street's branded content into critical acclaim.

We asked Adam Mika to get into character - a rich kid spoiling his older girlfriend in public.


We create provocative social media campaign's to engage, inspire and amplify brand awareness.

To reach 11 Street's specific target audience, we looked at a variety of sources, including our own. Delivering a campaign that resonated with the audience that matters.


The brand awareness of their Raya Specials amplified during the campaign.

Website traffic increased 10-15% during the release of the campaign.

The content launch on Maxman TV’s Facebook page, on the 11th of July 2017 generated 2.4 million views to date, with more views from our partners.

KPI exceeded within less than 48 hours with 1 million organic views, with total view count reach at 2.4 million.

Massive engagement. 38k+ of reactions, comments & shares - particularly amongst females aged 25-34