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Astro Gempak


There are many homeless people in Kuala Lumpur. Including those who have jobs but do not earn enough to rent a room or house. There are no accurate figures on the number of homeless people in the city. Only a few non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are aware of their existence. Every day, hundreds of poor and homeless citizens have a decent meal thanks to the efforts of NGOs.

- Archdiocesan Office for Human Development (AOHD)

- Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK) and Reach Org.

The target audience are Malaysians. Awareness for the masses, the struggles of being homeless. Appreciating what they have, whether big or small.


This campaign propelled Astro Gempak‚Äôs website to the number one most visited website in Malaysia, after the video release. Maxman TV and Astro Gempak garnered 3,384,837 Views, 45k Likes, 29K shares & 1.2K Comments on Maxman TV Facebook. 

This video spread on many different platforms and channels. Astro Awani reported that this issue will be raised in parliament to look for a solution to the homeless issue in Malaysia.